30 Miles Per Hour: A Story Of Newly Found Respect

If you are a law enforcement officer, please do not handcuff me or lock me up, but I have, in my lifetime, broken the law. I have once, twice, maybe even three solid times driven over the posted speed limit. Heinous, I know!

The above paragraph would be ridiculous except that it’s true and then some. I, and probably you if you drive a vehicle, break the speed limit a hundred times per outing. Breaking the law by speeding has now become commonplace. Instead of seeing the speed limit sign as the actual speed limit, many of us rather think of it as the basis for how many miles per hour over the speed limit is allowable that won’t land me a speeding ticket. The law says 1 mile an hour over is enough, but that’s not how we think.

So, why am I talking about the speed limit on a beautiful day like this? The answer: I’m a kind of a driven person and love to do little character building experiments. I decided to use my cruise control and stay at or below the speed limit one month just to see if I can do it and to see what it’s like. What I took away from that intentional month was something different than I expected. I earned a new kind of respect.

I began to grow a respect for law-enforcement that I didn’t even know I needed to develop. While I’ve never been someone who races down the road, I have been someone to perform the “officer salute”. That’s when you are heading down the road and see a police officer checking speed with a radar gun and you hit the brakes a little. The front end of your car droops while the back raises. Thus the “officer salute”. During my month long experiment, anytime I saw an officer, no fear of reprimand came and I drove happily by. No officer salute. The simple act of going the speed limit put water on a rebellious fire that I didn’t even know I had. There are so many ways you can respect people who serve you, and that is one.

When you respect God’s children, you respect God. God loves those who obey him. When he told us to respect the authorities that he set in place, he did not set install loopholes. [1 Peter 2:13-17]

I challenge anyone reading this post to embark on a 30 day challenge to keep your speed at or under the speed limit. If your car has cruise control, that may be the best way to predefine your parameters. I’d love to know if after 30 days you find some revelation about your character that God reveals to you. It may be a new respect for law-enforcement or it may be something else.

Share with anyone who is a driver. Especially younger drivers; thank you Jesus…

Micah Brooks