5 Tips You Can Implement Now To Better Your Daily Bible Routine

*Note these are subjective and in my favorite order for my Bible reading time. Change them around and I bet they will still work.
1. Get up a little earlier to give yourself a little more time for your Bible. If you are not a morning person, I would still try to give a few minutes at the beginning of each morning to set in motion the Word of God before you begin your day. Getting up earlier proves discipline.
2. Coming out of your bed, as your feet first hit the floor, begin your day with thanksgiving. Thank the Lord for this day. If you’d like, use Psalm 118:24: “This is the day that the LORD has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it.” Thanksgiving opens the doors for blessing. Never should it be the other way around.
3. Get situated in a comfortable and easy-to-focus place. One of the worst ways I’ve ever tried to read my Bible was on the couch. I need a desk. I need a pen. I need my coffee. Ha! Find out where your best location is and go there.
4. Don’t go digital. Use the printed Word of God. Oops, I just lost my under-20’s. I think the ease of use of the Bible on smartphones is incredible. In fact, when Jesus said “the word will be preached in all the world,” he was probably referring to an iPhone 6s. However, there is something to be said for the physical underlining of passages that stick out to you. Plus, your hardcopy Bible, with all of your underlines and notes, is one of the greatest gifts you could leave your children. I have a printed Bible in which I’ve underlined passages for each of my kids. You can too.
5. Pray beforehand: “Lord, please let Your Spirit rest on me while I read your word today.” Then get started. You don’t need long, drawn out prayers before God to stretch your Bible-reading muscles. However, I would always invite the Holy Spirit (who kind of wrote the book…) to be present while you read. He makes a difference. Believe me.
These are a good set of 5 tips. Sure, you could probably add 5 more. Instead, let’s all go read the Word of God.
Share this with friends who love the Bible and want to further their Bible-reading-momentum. Developing this routine is like pushing down the first few dominoes in a series. Eventually, momentum becomes your friend.
-Micah Brooks