Partnering with couldn’t be any easier.

Are you interested in reaching new audiences with your message or product? We are a solution. Right now, we are hosting a sale on site-wide banner ads and in-line advertisements. We offer weekly, monthly and quarterly advertising options. Let your name or brand be recognized by more potential readers and customers. Join the Worship Publishing Partner Program (W3P) today.

Here are our current advertising options.

Site-wide Banner Ads ($99/week)

Site-wide banners are the best way to have your brand/product promoted on Every person who visits the site to any of many pages and posts will see your brand. The only downside to these type of banners is that there is one room for two or three of these on the whole site. If you land one of these ads, you will have exclusive ad space on that no one else will have access to during your lease.

Pricing options for one site-wide banner advertisement:

  • One ad on our site for one week: $99/week
  • One ad on our site for one month: $349/mo (save $47 over the weekly rate)
  • One ad on our site for one quarter: $899/quarter (save $148 over the monthly rate)

In-Line Advertisements ($4.99/page/mo)

We also provide high value, in-line advertisements that you may place on specific pages or posts. This is a great way to promote your specific product, brand or website that pertains to content in that page or post. For instance, if we wrote an epic post about the five best snack crackers, you, Ritz Crackers, would want your ad as close to the top and bottom of the post as possible. We would be glad to accommodate. In-line ads are the best way to target specific reader groups. These groups are usually poised to purchase.

Pricing options for one in-line banner advertisement:

  • One in-line ad on a specific post/page for one week: $4.99/week
  • One in-line ad on a specific post/page for one month: $16.99/mo (save $2.97 over the weekly rate)
  • One in-line ad on a specific post/page for one quarter: $39.99/quarter (save $10.98 over the monthly rate)
Mention “SAVEAD20” in your email and receive 20% any first advertisement purchase.

Advertising Rules

Worship Publishing is a Christian company devoted to bringing upright and wholesome content to our readers. We gladly welcome advertisers looking to promote their website, blog, brand, books, CDs, mp3s, cookbooks, apps and more, who promote upright values. You do not have to be a Christian company or have a Christian product to promote here. However, we must contend that the advertisement remain family-friendly. An example would be: Ritz Crackers. Ritz Crackers are neither Christian nor non-Christian. They are delicious. Ritz Crackers’s advertisements are welcome on In fact, get some here.

We will only approve ads that we feel remain true to our core strategy. This clearly means we will not accept advertising that contains foul language, explicit images or any content we deem offensive. Honestly, those type of advertisements wouldn’t work on this type of site anyway.

How to partner with us.

Use the contact form below to let us know you are out there. Tell us what you would like to promote. We’d be glad to talk. We are always willing to negotiate. This is especially true if you are an organization needing assistance. Also, this would be true if you sent us a box of Ritz Crackers.