Author: Micah Brooks

Worship Songs

“My sin- oh, the bliss of this glorious thought!- My sin, not in part but the whole, Is nailed to the cross, and I bear it no more, Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, oh my soul! It is well with my soul, it is well with my soul!” You may know the story of Horatio G. Spafford who wrote the words to the longstanding and beloved hymn It Is Well With My Soul. If you do not or can’t remember, Spafford lost his four daughters when their ship wrecked headed to Europe from America in 1873. His wife survived, but sent him...

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The 100% Rule

Why is a pie round? Why not square, star shaped or oval? The traditional pie is round because it promotes even cooking throughout. So, why pie? Micah, why are you talking about pies? One of the most common examples teachers use to explain percentage is through the delicious treat: pie. They’d say that if I give you a 1/4th of the pie (or 25%) then I’m left with 3/4ths (75%). No more, no less. 100% of the total pie is made up of it’s individual slices. The 100% rule when playing in a worship band, whether as a singer...

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The Health Of Your Team

“Just because you are not sick doesn’t mean you are healthy.” – Author Unknown Many, many, many worship teams around the United States and the world are in a state of static or passive health. They aren’t sick, but they are not working toward active, good health. In medical terms that means they’re not operating at peek performance. The developing of spiritual health in your worship team needs to be of highest priority. Not working towards that goal is leaving the congregation wanting and your team infirm or stagnate. Working toward growth will lead to your congregation’s trust and team member’s spiritual thriving....

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Outcomes Matter

Everyone knows that in basketball, teams that win are teams that have followings and their games well attended. Losing teams rarely bring people to ball games. No matter how many halfcourt-win a new Ford Focus shots there are at the game, ultimately teams that win matter.  Outcomes matter. As worship leaders how often do you consider if your team is being effective or winning? When you come off-stage do you ask the Lord what he thought? Did it matter to you if the people in your congregation that came to worship worshiped? How do you know they’ve worshiped? Have you ever...

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