Author: Micah Brooks

Godly Fathers: Possibly The Most Powerful Word In The English Language: Dad

Godly Fathers: Possibly The Most Powerful Word In The English Language: Dad Godly fathers matter so much in the Christian lives of their children. I learned of this quote from a research study noted in Tender Warrior by Stu Weber: “The impact of a father is no different in Christian homes. One startling bit of research conducted by the Christian Business Men‘s Committee found the following: When the father is an active believer, there is about a seventy-five percent likelihood that the children will also become active believers. But if only the mother is a believer, this likelihood is dramatically reduced to fifteen percent.” —Keith...

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Jesus Is Lord – A Bumper Magnet And Way Of Living

Jesus Is Lord – A Bumper Magnet And Way Of Living It was Easter Sunday, 2015 when every member of our congregation that day, which numbered over 20,000 in attendance, received a car magnet that was an oval that said Jesus Is Lord. Impressively so, 20,000 bumper magnets were sent out throughout our community of well over 100,000 people. As you can imagine, the impact was incredible. As you drive throughout Middle Tennessee you cannot help but notice these little ovals on the back of 1 in every 15 cars. I believe this was the second or third time that my...

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Family: Our Creator’s Intent To Complement

Family: Our Creator’s Intent To Complement In Stu Weber’s book Tender Warrior, Weber makes the claim that God’s intent is that man and woman should join together to create the family and they complement one another perfectly. The illustration that he proposes is that men are farsighted and women are nearsighted. His idea is that men tend to have a big picture mentality yet are less adept at discerning details while women tend to be strong in understanding details. They complement well men who are more big picture minded. In no way does this illustration intend to belittle either...

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Righteousness – Right Standing With God

Righteousness – Right Standing With God Words have meanings. Words also come and go out of our lexicon. Some of this is to our detriment. The word righteousness and righteous is seeming to lose it’s utility in the English language. So much so that when I asked my junior high worship team on Wednesday night to define the word righteousness there were few who would even attempt it. The best definition for the word righteousness that I know is right standing with God. This being the idea that because of Jesus’ work on the cross we now have the right...

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Worship On The Mountaintop

Worship On The Mountaintop – Delighting In The Lord Is Our Job Psalm 34 1-3 (NKJV) 1 I will bless the Lord at all times; His praise shall continually be in my mouth. 2 My soul shall make its boast in the Lord; The humble shall hear of it and be glad. 3 Oh, magnify the Lord with me, And let us exalt His name together. How beautiful are the words above to demonstrate how important it is to praise the Lord in all circumstances. It seems to me that more energy is spent today talking about the worries of life and how to leave them at the cross than giving the...

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