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DEFUNCT: How We Can Lose Our Culture By Doing Nothing To Innovate

CompuServe – ICQ – Tower Records – Borders Bookstore – Blockbuster Video

If you are over the age of 25 you may still recognize the names of these companies. I’m betting that everyone under that age has no idea what these companies are.

Their message is defunct. They failed to innovate. They failed to keep up with the times.

God has entrusted us with his story. The Story. If important companies like the ones above couldn’t last more than 50 years, and their businesses were booming at one time, wouldn’t it be smart for we to be better and more current marketers of our story? Lest we become defunct as well?

No, the story or the Bible is not going perish simply because we relax. What is going away is our culture. Two generations without Jesus turns a nation into moral chaos. When you read through 1 and 2 Kings it is easy to see. A king in Judah would serve God with his whole heart, his nation would have peace. His nation’s culture would be morally decent. His son would access the throne and throw the nation into moral failure. The following generation would make it even worse. In just two generations their culture was in a mess.

The upside is that we have the opportunity today to turn up the Light. We haven’t lost our culture, however we are in danger of losing it. The best thing we can do today is to ground ourselves back in the Bible. Not the Bible as an antiquated book, but the Bible that speaks of how best to live today.

How can you help? Live the best way you know how to live today. Live according to the promises found in the Bible. Trust that God is in control and do your best to have your actions match your words. Be people of character. Don’t be Christian in name only.

We can do this! God is for us and has never left us. Go forward today and live the best life you know how. Give God the glory.

-Micah Brooks