Family: Our Creator’s Intent To Complement

In Stu Weber’s book Tender Warrior, Weber makes the claim that God’s intent is that man and woman should join together to create the family and they complement one another perfectly. The illustration that he proposes is that men are farsighted and women are nearsighted.

His idea is that men tend to have a big picture mentality yet are less adept at discerning details while women tend to be strong in understanding details. They complement well men who are more big picture minded. In no way does this illustration intend to belittle either men or women but rather points out that we are a God-designed complement. God created us to be an inseparable team and together we are more effective for his kingdom than apart.

Nothing has so remarkably yet quietly come under attack in the last 10 to 15 years than the institution of family. Family was God’s idea and he instituted it in the first pages of his book. Adam and Eve, while fallen, go on to be the father and mother of us all.

The family is supposed to be a safe place for children to find their way. Boys learn ruggedness from their father and how to show gentleness and respect to women by their father’s example. They find tenderness from their mother and learn what to look for in a wife along the way. Girls learn traits specially from mother and father as well. When mom and dad demonstrate a loving relationship children grow up learning how to imitate from their legacy. The best thing we can do for our children is to be encouraging spouses putting family just behind the pursuit of God on our priority list.

It is a popular statistic that says 50% of marriages end in divorce. I’ve heard that this is the same within the church as without. One speaker said that the likelihood of divorce falls to nearly nothing if a couple will consistently pray with one another every night. In essence, a couple will stay together through thick and thin and fulfill their marriage vows by prayerful humility. To be cheesy: a couple who prays together stays together.

While this devotion is more editorial in nature I do believe wholeheartedly in it. I aim not to offend but rather to make an argument for the family. Were it my own idea I may not even pose it, however I believe God wants nothing more than for we to live in strong Christian families.

What are some of the ways that your family thrives? Are there any other words of encouragement that you would suggest to someone in a struggling family situation? We love comments, responding to each one and we appreciate shares.

Micah Brooks