The Five Best Beginner Guitars For Christmas This Year

It’s that time again. Soon sleigh bells will be ringing and everyone singing. I’m asked about a hundred times each Christmas, what are some of the best beginner guitars for this Christmas season? My answer is always the same: what is your price range? Here are five beginner level guitars in various price ranges that I recommend and a few quick reasons why so. Blessings!

Yamaha APX500III BL Thinline Acoustic-Electric Cutaway Guitar – $299.99

The Yamaha APX500III is probably the best thinline beginners acoustic guitar. It is thinline because the body is slimmer, while the neck is full scale. The finish is polished and comes with on-board electronics. This is great for playing on stage, like for a worship team or youth group. Make sure to spring for either a hardshell or soft case!

How to buy this guitar in it’s various colors:

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The Yamaha APX500III available: Black Version HereDusk Sun Red Version HereNatural Version Here | Vintage Sunburst HereOriental Blue Burst Here


Fender CD-60CE Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar – $299.99

The Fender CD-60CE is an inexpensive, yet quality acoustic guitar from the famous brand Fender. I like that this guitar is full size, not thinline, like the previous Yamaha. It is also a cutaway, leaving extra room for performing at the top of the neck. The design is dreadnought, meaning that the cutaway is a little smaller. I love that for this price it comes with a hardshell case. This one also comes with on-board electronics. Great for the stage.

How to buy this guitar in it’s various colors:

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The Fender CD-60CE available: Black Version Here | All Mahogany Version Here | Natural Version HereSunburst Version Here

Taylor Guitars Baby Taylor, BT2 – $329.00

The Baby Taylor BT2 is a fantastic beginner guitar for smaller hands. Children would benefit from this one. The brand Taylor is a staple in the music industry. They only make quality products. This guitar is three-quarters size, not full size. There are not on-board electronics, so you would need a microphone to play through a sound system. The Baby Taylor is great to play around the house and for those who want a quality instrument with which to learn. Make sure you get a hardshell or soft case for this guitar.

How to buy this guitar in it’s various colors:

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The Baby Taylor BT2 is available: Mahogany Top Version Here

Martin GPCPA5K Performing Artist Series Acoustic Electric Guitar – $759.00

Martin has been one of the primo brands of guitars for decades. While this guitar is a little more expensive, it is incredible and it is actually cheap for a Martin guitar. Quality-made it is a full body guitar that comes with on-board electronics. While the material of the guitar is a pressed laminate made to look like koa wood, it makes the guitar almost scratch resistant and durable. As with any Martin guitar, the tone is fantastic. Make sure to purchase a hardshell or soft case for this one.

How to buy this guitar in it’s various colors:

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The Martin GPCPA5K is available: Natural Version Here

Taylor 214ce Rosewood/Spruce Grand Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar – $999.00

The beginning of Taylor Guitars pro series is the Taylor 214CE. This is the first of the “14”, “12” and “16” series that you see on stages everywhere, like the Taylor 814 that I play. The 214CE is a full body, high quality instrument. With on-board Fishman electronics, this is ready for stage. While this may not be price-wise one of the beginner guitars, it may be an excellent upgrade for the player coming from beginner guitars. I believe it comes with a Taylor soft case. Check it out.

How to buy this guitar:

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The Taylor 214CE is available: Natural Version Here

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