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Right now, we are offering free stuff for worship teams. Download a free Microsoft Word Chord Chart Template | Microsoft Word Guitar Tablature Template | Sheet Music Staff Line Template

Download this Free Microsoft Word Chord Chart Template!

A chord chart is one of the best ways to write out songs you want to perform. Use this template in your church, for yourself or to share with others. All of the #’s are designed for chord names. I like to use measures |   #   |   #   | in intros, turnarounds, instrumentals and outros to show when to transition chords. You may add split measures (two or more chords in one measure) by placing two inside one measure. Example |   A   E   |   F#m   |.  The A and E are split and assumed you play A for beats one and two and then E for beats 3 and 4. The F#m shown is to be played all four beats. If you enjoy this template but are having trouble getting your songs formatted as you’d like, please Contact Us. We are glad to walk you through creating a chord chart.

Click on the file to the right to download the template file in .docx format. I’ve also included an Apple Pages version for anyone using that application.

Download your free chord chart here:

Download Microsoft Word Chord Chart Template Click Here (.doc).

*Notice that this template has been built in Microsoft Word, however if you are using an application like Open Office it should still work.

Here are a few website resources where you can download fully prepared chord charts.

Some of these are paid services. Others require an opt in email or account. | | |

Download this Free Microsoft Word Guitar Tab Template!

One of the easiest ways to write out a guitar line is through tablature. This is a free template you can use to develop your own content. It is formatted to be able to use online or in emails as well. Email if you have questions. Happy notating!

Click on the file to the right to download the template file as a Microsoft Word document. Find that file and a PDF below.

Click Here (.docx) or Here (PDF)

Download this Free Sheet Music Staff Line Template!

There are countless reasons you may want blank sheet music. Here you’ll find a free downloadable PDF. Print as many as you’d like. You are free to share with friends. My only request is that you direct them to to receive their copy. If you have questions about how to download this template or would like to learn more about creating sheet music, please Contact Us.

Click on the file to the right to download the template file as a PDF.

Or Click Here (PDF)

If you are new to using sheet music, this template is intentionally left bare. You will need to add clef, key signature and time signature. You can use this template for making rhythm charts (chord names over measures). Also, you could use this blank sheet music template for writing out melodies. You could also mix both the chord names and melodies to create lead sheets. If you still have questions, please send us an email here. We are here to answer your questions!