Have you ever heard of a flashdark?

To my knowledge, no one has ever invented a “flashdark”. No one has ever invented a portable device that, when turned on, can suck the light out of a room.

The reason is because darkness always runs from light. It’s a principle of physics. Darkness is actually the absence of light. Darkness is, in essence, nothing.

We, as Christians, sure do talk about light and dark a lot. We talk about them like they are equally opposing forces. But, just like the ridiculous idea of a “flashdark”, we should rid our lives of the notion that as darkness increases throughout the world that the light isn’t revving it’s engine to extinguish it.

My pastor says to our congregation often: “don’t rage against the darkness, turn up the light.”

The best thing that Christ Followers can do to speak hope and life to those around us is to point to Jesus. Point to how the Bible is a book of heroes all leading toward Jesus. Point out how the end of the story is one filled with triumph and great glory.

Day to day, be generous to others. Treat people well. Don’t criticize. Give your time and attention to listening to others and not always being the one to speak. Love.

Share this with anyone who is raging against the darkness at times and needs to turn up the light. God is really good. No matter what.

-Micah Brooks