“Please Let Your Holy Spirit Rest On Me” – A Pivotal Prayer

An important prayer that I pray before every sit down each time to read my Bible is: “Lord, please let your Holy Spirit rest on me while I read Your Word today.” You see, all Scripture is God breathed (2 Timothy 3:16-17). He knows exactly what is written. Everything works out to my benefit (Romans 8:28). So why not invite the author of the story to present the story perfectly and just as needed?

The imagery that comes to my mind when asking for the Spirit of God to rest on me is the way that the Spirit of God rested on Jesus in the form of a dove before his baptism (Matthew 3:16). Jesus submitted himself in a humbling way for baptism and god rewarded that faithfulness by his Spirit. One could say that this was the launching point for His ministry that would restore God’s people unto himself.

It is important to note that God knows on Tuesday when he would want to do on Saturday. You can invite the Holy Spirit to rest on you as you make decisions in the short-term and long-term. You can trust that He is a planner who knows the whole story. Somehow he knows every hair on every head. He cares deeply for us.

The Bible says that the Holy Spirit is your helper (John 14:26). No one who has ever received any help did so without humility. Just think about the two year old with the: “me-do-it” attitude. Humility is the furthest thing from their mind. For our sake though, choosing to humble one’s self in the presence and eyes of God can do no harm. In the same way that a child asking for their father’s help will only lead to favorable outcomes. You can trust the Holy Spirit. He is a gentleman and will never force you to do anything outside of your control.

Today, if you have not read your Bible, begin with this short sentence: “Lord, please let your Holy Spirit rest on me as I read Your Word.” Pray it each time you read the Word of God. Also, use that phrase anytime you need to make a decision. Again, you can trust the Holy Spirit to direct you toward Jesus. Jesus will always lead to you to Godly outcomes. The benefits for you are outstanding in that you have invited in a power greater than yourself. How awesome!

I pray that any time you spend with God today will be leavened with the Holy Spirit. To God be the glory and may the Holy Spirit be your helper.

-Micah Brooks