Jesus Is Lord – A Bumper Magnet And Way Of Living

It was Easter Sunday, 2015 when every member of our congregation that day, which numbered over 20,000 in attendance, received a car magnet that was an oval that said Jesus Is Lord. Impressively so, 20,000 bumper magnets were sent out throughout our community of well over 100,000 people. As you can imagine, the impact was incredible. As you drive throughout Middle Tennessee you cannot help but notice these little ovals on the back of 1 in every 15 cars. I believe this was the second or third time that my church gave the congregation a chance to have these magnets.

There are actually two things inscribed on the bumper magnet. One is the inscription Jesus Is Lord and it is written largest. In smaller but still legible letters you read our church’s name World Outreach Church. I remember my pastor discussing why they kept the name of the church on the magnet. It could have easily been distributed without it. We said that we had to keep the name of our church on the magnet because it is important for us to be known as the ones delivering the message. Not to say that we are the best, but rather to say to any skeptic, this is who you can get more information. Since then, I have seen other churches in our city with similar magnets but using their church’s name. This is absolutely wonderful!

Being willing to stand as a congregation to say that Jesus Is Lord is now something of noble pursuit. 20 years ago in our same community creating a Jesus Is Lord magnet would have been silly. It would’ve been like saying “DuhJesus Is Lord”. It was almost a community-held belief.


While we may have had over 20,000 souls on our campus that Easter Sunday, still well over 100,000 people in our growing community do not go to any church. This cannot be okay with us.

Standing up for Jesus being Lord is not just a magnet or a bumper sticker but is an entire way of living. Jesus is Lord and we are a part of His kingdom. In doing so we bow and yield to his will. Our lives transform into His image. If an entire community does the same crime rates decrease, giving increases and morality betters.

Your church can use this idea as well. It can and quite possibly will affect your community in a great way. Pray about it. Present it to your church leadership. Let’s effect the move of God by simply driving around town. How cool?!

Please share this with any and everyone who may be willing to read this. We say that if our little country church can do it then you can too… I’ve seen these magnets as far south as Georgia and north as Pennsylvania. I’m sure they reach even further.

Micah Brooks