The Back Of The Parking Lot – How To Lead Your Church No Matter Who You Are

For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.
Galatians 5:13

When Jesus calls you His own He is ultimately calling you to serve. One way that the church where I serve utilizes to remind us that those of us on the platform are to serve is by recommending that each of us park at the back of our church parking lot and walk in to the building. You need to understand, this isn’t a small parking lot. On hot or cold days this practice can be uncomfortable, but we still do it. Why? It’s because we leave the closest spots for first time visitors and those with small children. The residual effect is that we are constantly reminded we are serving those whose parking spaces we are walking through to get to church. We won’t lose sight of this type of servant leadership.

One of satan’s greatest deceptions is leading us to believe that our worship teams are the ones providing incredible value in our services. This simply isn’t true. What’s true is that our worship team provides tight music that people coming to service sing along to. At best we can only provide an experience. God alone provides the value. When our teams are spiritually prepared to lead, Jesus is present. The Holy Spirit is welcomed and the Lord does His work. This is all about an attitude of heart and mind. Thinking of others first puts that right motivation in place.

Some ways that you may want to have your team prepare for effective church are on this list that follows. You may add to it or take away based on what makes the most sense for your church/team/season.

  • Have each member of your worship team park at the back of the parking lot. *There is also the benefit of having your congregation seeing their worship team choosing to serve them. I believe this establishes great trust.
  • Make sure that you are confirming that each member of your team is consistently reading their Bible. This includes confirming that they are being systematic and constantly making strides to further their knowledge of God’s Word.
  • Pray with your team. You may want to do this in a private way where you can pray for specific members’ needs. You may also want to pray as a team in a public hallway in your church and pray for more general needs and the welcoming of the Holy Spirit.
  • Recommend your teams not huddle backstage all the time. Meeting new people and walking through the congregation prepares them for who has joined for worship that day.
  • Provide opportunities in rehearsal to let your team worship in their own fashion. Remind your team that during service they are there to help facilitate worship for everyone else, not to be caught up themselves.

You may also need to have a meeting with your team from time to time to reset your expectations of them. We all get selfish and revert back to our carnal natures when left unchecked. Serving ourselves comes a lot easier than serving others. If we can get this right then our leadership will become effective. People will follow leaders who show that they are cared for. One of the best ways to do that is by modeling servant leadership. You should always park as far back in the lot as you can. Do your best not to chastise someone who still parks right up next to the building. Instead, love them to the back of the lot. Pray for a heart change and help see them through it.

I may have touched a bit of a nerve with some. I realize that you are some of the first people to church on Sunday and many be the last to leave. Where you park may seem like an irrelevant way to serve. I recommend giving it a try and utilize the walk in to church to pray for the day ahead. On the way out be grateful for the opportunities that you just had.

How does your team prepare for weekend worship? Do you have any other ways that you suggest they lead by serving other than where they park their cars? I would love to hear! Comment or private message…

-Micah Brooks