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Our Worship Publishing Podcast is not ready yet. Say: “why do you have a podcast page if you don’t already have a podcast?”. We’re glad you asked! We are able to measure the number of visitors to this page to know how much interest we may have from you in developing a podcast. In the meantime, check out some of these established podcasts below. All of them come highly recommended from the team here at Worship Publishing. Please note, not all of them are Christian podcasts, however ALL of them are clean podcasts. This means that the hosts of these shows do their best to keep the language family-friendly. Also, this list of topics for these podcasts are widespread. Check them all out. They are free!

Worship Publishing Recommends:

Worship Ministry Catalyst Podcast Logo

Worship Ministry Catalyst Podcast

Worship Ministry Catalyst Podcast: Check it out on iTunes

David Lindner and Kevin Kruse are the co-hosts of the www.worshipministrycatalyst.com Worship Ministry Catalyst Podcast. Our editor in chief, Micah Brooks, was recently featured on two of their episodes. These shows are interview-style about worship teams and also Micah’s book Worship Guitar In Six Weeks found here or at www.worshipguitarinsixweeks.com. On this podcast, there are hundreds of episodes you can browse through. This is an established show that has been around for over 8 years.

We Are Worship Podcast Logo

We Are Worship Podcast

We Are Worship Podcast: Check it out on iTunes

Hosted by Morgan Shirey and Wisdom Moon, We Are Worship Podcast is a show created for worship leaders and teams. They have connections and interviews with many Christian worship leaders and high profile speakers. These include, but are certainly not limited to, Paul Baloche, Jared Anderson, Walker Beach, Travis Ryan and more.

Author Audience Podcast LogoAuthor Audience Podcast

Author Audience Podcast: Check it out on iTunes

Shelley Hitz is the host of the Author Audience Podcast. She is also the founder of the Author Audience Academy which helps authors produce their self published works. Shelley is a Christian author herself and devotes the end of each of her episodes to a small, encouraging moment focused on the Lord. Each episode gives authors recommendations for how they can better their book business.

Chris Lockwood Podcast LogoThe Chris Lockwood Podcast

The Chris Lockwood Podcast: Check it out on iTunes

Chris Lockwood is a worship leader and exceptional guitarist/producer from Nashville, TN (USA). His podcast is mainly interviews with high profile Christ Followers, such as Stephen Mansfield, Jason Barton, Jody McBrayer and more. Chris’s style is conversational and intelligent. This should be recommended to any believer or someone interested in music.

Break Point Daily Commentaries Podcast LogoBreakpoint Commentaries Podcast

Breakpoint Commentaries Podcast: Check it out on www.breakpoint.org

Eric Metaxas and John Stonestreet are hosts of Breakpoint Commentaries Podcast. The late Charles Colson began these daily commentaries many years ago. Metaxas and Stonestreet provide 4-5 minute commentaries about current events through a Christian worldview. These are worth listening to every day.

Smart Passive Income Podcast LogoSmart Passive Income Podcast

Smart Passive Income Podcast: Check it out on iTunes

The famous business and entrepreneur coach, Pat Flynn, hosts his own podcast called the Smart Passive Income Podcast. There are over 100 types of profitable passive income streams. Pat does an extraordinary job explaining, over hundreds of episodes, how to be effective entrepreneurs. He has connections with several famous people whom he interviews on the show. This is not a Christian podcast, however Pat Flynn is careful to keep the show kid-friendly, so that parents can listen to this while in the car. Check it out if you are in business of any kind.

Ask Pat Podcast LogoAsk Pat Podcast

Ask Pat Podcast: Check it out on iTunes

Similar to Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Podcast, the Ask Pat Podcast is an additional show Pat hosts that answers call-in questions. While the SPI Podcast is usually 30-45 minutes, the Ask Pat Podcast is built in shorter 8-10 minute bursts. These shows are extremely useful for anyone interested in earning passive income.

Stuff You Should Know Podcast LogoStuff You Should Know Podcast

Stuff You Should Know Podcast: Check it out on iTunes

Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant host the www.howstuffworks.com podcast called the Stuff You Should Know Podcast. Both men who host the show are enjoyable, jovial and have a great chemistry together. On the show, they tackle one topic and explore the research for that topic per episode. Some examples of their releases include: “How Sharks Work”, “How Government Bailouts Work”, “How Sleep Works” and more. Most of these are interesting and there are over 200 episodes to work through.

Tech Reformation Podcast LogoTech Reformation Podcast

Tech Reformation Podcast: Check it out on iTunes

The Tech Reformation Podcast is a show dedicated to the latest computer-related technology. There is a group of show hosts. The podcast releases weekly with news segments, picks of the week and various other technology related topics. This is a Christian show and is safe for the whole family.

Timothy Keller Gospel In Life Podcast LogoTimothy Keller Gospel In Life Podcast

Timothy Keller Gospel In Life Podcast: Check it out on iTunes

Timothy Keller is the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, New York and a prolific author. The Gospel In Life Podcast is a weekly sermon podcast that also has interviews with outside guests from time to time. While there are hundreds of churches releasing their sermons each week, Keller’s messages are always founded in scripture and safe (in our opinion).

Your Move With Andy Stanley Podcast LogoYour Move With Andy Stanley Podcast

Your Move With Andy Stanley Podcast: Check it out on iTunes

Andy Stanley is the lead pastor for the Atlanta, GA (USA) series of churches under the Northpoint Ministries umbrella. Andy is a fantastic motivational speaker and pastor. Each week Northpoint Community Church’s message is delivered via podcast. We should note, Andy does not preach every Sunday. Many of the episodes on this podcast are still excellent, but from other NP staff members and guest speakers.

The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast LogoAndy Stanley Leadership Podcast

Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast: Check it out on iTunes

The other Andy Stanley podcast that we endorse is his Leadership Podcast. As said above, Andy is a wonderful motivational speaker. This leadership podcast is some of his greatest leadership lessons given to his audience for free. The many Northpoint Ministry campuses operate in more of a business structure focused on growth and effectiveness. This podcast shares those lessons learned.

Do you listen to some other podcasts, but they aren’t in this list?

We are always looking to recommend podcasts to our Worship Publishing audience. Submit some suggestions below and we will consider them. We are especially glad to recommend podcasts that you develop. Let us know you are out there!

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