Prayer: God’s Building Blocks – Tools For A Better Prayer Life

Prayer has about as many connotations as the word food. It can mean 100 different things. Today, I want to encourage you to pray rather specifically for something.

Praying for your day before you begin each morning has certain benefits. The best illustration of how to understand prayer that I know is that when you pray it’s like sending up bricks to God as tools for him to build a heavenly structure. The more bricks you send the stronger and bigger the structure. When mighty winds blow, if you’ve only sent up 2 to 3 bricks then your structure will not withstand. However, if you have sent up enough bricks to build a fortified military outpost, you could say “good luck” to the evil one and his arrows of attack.

I sincerely recommend praying for each person you plan to encounter that day by name. If you know that you will have meetings with certain people, lift them up, again, by name in the morning before you head on to work or school or the job site or wherever. You will, in essence, be laying bricks for a spiritual foundation that strengthens your day.

The word of God says to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17). I have always thought that was meant to be like how there is always a guard at Arlington National Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. In some way we were never to stop praying, never stopping to take a breath. For a while, I assumed this was how holy people spent their time. Today, I believe this is more of a word play. To pray without ceasing is to always be seeking a relationship with God. To always be lifting your requests to him. Do your best to pray in the morning, at midday and in the evening.

Prayer is one of the ways we can respond to God daily. If prayer has seemed like a struggle, I challenge you to begin with short, one sentence prayers. Like any good habit you want to build, you will naturally and gradually build a prayer life that is sustaining. One of the worst things we can do as believers is to leave prayer time solely up to our pastors. My goodness, even they need our prayers every single morning!

Summary: take time to pray. Be as specific as you know how. Pray with an outcome in mind and do your best to search out the will of God. You can do this!

How do you pray each morning? Do you have allotted time or can your prayer-life be more haphazard in nature? Please comment and help encourage others to do likewise.


Micah Brooks