Prayer Walks: Why Take Them and How To Embark On The Journey

I’ve read about a hundred business books. Just about all of them recommend that at some point in your day you take a walk. Get away from the desk or cubicle and shift your focus for 15 minutes. A few minutes walking can prove as instrumental to your success as hours worth of working.

I love to do prayer walks. Prayer walks are just as it sounds: you spend time praying to God while you walk. It may be the only form of multitasking a man can do well, ha!

If you’ve never embarked on the prayer walk journey, it may seem as strange to you as when you see power walkers in a mall. And, to the onlooker, a prayer walk looks a little like when you are far away and you see someone who just walked into a spider’s web. Of course, from your distance, you don’t see the web, you just see someone who was walking normally, begin to flail their arms at what appears to be nothing. On a prayer walk, if you speak aloud, then you are speaking [seemingly] to no one. Of course, you and I know you are speaking to God.

The most famous prayer walk I could think of is when Joshua lead the Israelites around Jericho seven times [See Joshua 6]. Jericho had been barred up in fear of the Israelites. Little did they know that with obedience as little as the walking of their enemies, would their entire city crumble. God is phenomenal.

You and I may not be walking to break down physical barriers, but what about spiritual? If you have any need, present it to God because he cares for you [1 Peter 5:7]. Add a short walk to it and you can free yourself from distraction.

A good friend of our family recommended we do a Joshua-esque walk around our newly purchased home to free it of any previous dark influences. We strode 7 times, praying all along. You may think: “what could that help?” I’d rather pose: “what could it hurt?”

Take a prayer walk today. Better yet, make it a part of your routine. If you already take prayer walks, I’d love to hear how/when you do them. Please comment and share. I enjoy hearing from you!

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-Micah Brooks