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Do you have a book ready to be self published? We know how to get your book on Amazon! We offer a variety of services that include book preparation in print (physical copy) and digital book (like on Kindle). We work with you on cover design, interior design, marketing and more. You retain ALL rights to your book. Our job is to get you from manuscript to paycheck. Our services help you get your book into stores: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks (Apple) and more.

Let’s talk services services nearly 85% of all books sold everyday. While the other online bookstores may matter to you personally, Amazon is where most self published authors are finding their readers. While we are able to process books to just about every bookstore, we most certainly recommend you consider Amazon first. Let’s talk of our Worship Publishing self publishing services.

Book Title/Subtitle and Cover Consulting ($0/FREE!)

As our gift to authors, we are giving away a free consulting hour to look over your book title, subtitle and created cover. If you have already created each of those things, we’d be glad to use our team of experts to evaluate how marketable we think your design is. Self published authors have to have a great title and book cover. There is no way to succeed without it. Sign up to pick up your free consulting hour.

Cover Image Design (From $19.99)

You may be a writer as good as Charles Dickens but have the hardest time drawing a stickman or a smiley face. We can help you design an eye-catching cover that will attract scores of readers. Best of all, we can do this quickly. Also, we are glad to make revisions. We are here for you. Our team of graphic designers work on book covers for every genre. Let us know how we can help.

Keyword Research (From $49)

Did you know that Amazon will help readers find your book through keywords you provide? In fact, for Kindle books you are allowed 7 important keywords and for print books, 5 keywords. A keyword is language used to find your book in the Amazon search bar. For example, if my book is titled “The Rich History Of Ritz Crackers”, then an excellent keyword (or key phrase) might be “books about crackers”. Now, you can choose 7 keywords that you think people may be searching, but we have advanced tools that not only finds out what people are searching for, but also how profitable that keyword may be to you. For instance, “books about crackers”may be searched for 100 times/mo with an estimated sales of 5 books/mo. On the other hand, the key phrase “books about Nabisco” may be searched for 200 times with an estimated sales of 10 books/mo. If you could only chose one phrase, you would certainly gain more readers by choosing the latter. This is what letting our team of researchers do for you. Maximize your keywords for your book.

Book Description Copywriting (From $49)

Every book on Amazon, iBooks Store, Barnes & Noble and more has an area for a book description. This is where a potential reader is swayed into buying your book. Copywriting is marketing language that needs to be intentionally laid out so that a shopper becomes a customer. We write book descriptions in a very educated and methodical way. Potential readers learn how your book will benefit them. They learn why your book meets their need. Even fiction books need snappy copyright synopsizes that draw buyers in. Allow us to make your book move from bookstore shelves into satisfied customers’ hands.

Formatting for Digital Books (From $149)

Digital books, like Kindle books are the wave of the future. They are such an easy way to get your book into more hands. In fact, ebooks are the easiest way to turn your book into an international success. Digital files can travel across oceans much quicker than printed pages. We are experts in formatting your documents into Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Downloadable PDF and other formats. This includes creating digital table of contents and embedding ebook covers into your ebook.

Formatting for Print Books (From $349)

Most people still find print books to be the most important format for books. If you’ve ever had trouble formatting a term paper for college to print just right using Microsoft Word, then imagine that experience multiplied 1000-fold when trying to format for a bound, printed book. You need someone who has gone through this process before to take away the pain of having to learn about embedding fonts, margins, headers and footers, pages numbers, etc. We are here to keep authors writing. That’s what you are good at. You shouldn’t be bothered with formatting. Let us help you.

Submitting to Bookstores (From $29.99)

If you’ve formatted your book, have the cover created and just need help with a specific bookstore, we are glad to help. Each of the online marketplaces accept books a little differently. They also each report sales differently as well. We would be glad to walk you through any of these processes. It’s important that you get paid as an author!

All-In-One Services (From $199)

Perhaps you need multiple of these services or even all of them. We are glad to work with you from beginning of creation of your manuscript to getting cash in your pocket from selling in bookstores. Our pricing for all-in-one services is very dependent upon what you need from us. We are here to make your book a success. I know that some authors will need just a few resources, others may need more help. Let us know.

Coaching and Accountability. (From $19.99/mo)

We have a wide range of coaching and accountability packages available. Let us know where you are as in the need of someone to come alongside and keep you motivated. Self publishing can be a lonely game. Having a mastermind group of like-minded authors around you can be the key difference between finishing and not finishing your book. We love helping authors see their books through to the bookshelf. It’s a pleasure.

Editing & Proofreading

We are not professional editors or proofreaders, however, we would gladly and for free find you someone who can help you edit or proofread your final manuscript. We would recommend that you have personally read through and edited your manuscript a minimum of four times before you present your work for editing and proofreading. You will be wasting your money if you send it to an editor too early. Let us know and we will connect you will professional help.

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