These are the most recommended tools you need to succeed at every level.

At Worship Publishing, we are very strategic in our partnering programs. Every resource we recommend has undergone our test of approval. In fact, we use each and every product or service. Some are used in this website. The others are products or services used to create content that is given away or sold through this website. Our goal is to take out some of the guess work for you when you are getting started. If at any time you try these resources and feel we are mistaken about the quality of their offering, we want to know. We only want to endorse the best companies.

Tools You Need To Build Your Own Website w/ WordPress

Worship Publishing was designed by Josh Harvill at Josh is a Christian man with over ten years of website creation and design experience. He is versed in all forms of web development, including html, javascript, css, WordPress and more. He is proficient in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and more. We have found him to be professional and he delivered exactly what we asked for. Contact Josh today at offers a wide array of web hosting options. is hosted by Needless to say, we trust them. For new customers, they offer $2.75/mo unlimited hosting. While we do not purchase our domains through (we use, however we utilize their shared hosting. The key benefits are a free domain name (if you choose to not use, free email addressesunlimited bandwidth, drag and drop builders and 1,000’s of website templates (if you are not a WordPress person). Click here to learn more or give eHost a try.

We use for many of our domain name registrations. Why separate the domain from the hosting? The main reason is for security. If your hosting account were to be maliciously attacked (even the best hosting service cannot stop you from creating an insecure password) then your domain name would not be stolen even if all the files your domain is linking to were. The other benefit is if you were to want to change hosting services, like moving your files to, then you wouldn’t need to also port your domain over. In other words, we recommend keeping your domain registration and hosting separate. This is not imperative. It is only our recommendation. We use our our domain registrant. They are a large company with loads of security measures in place. They are middle of the road on price. You don’t want to bargain hunt when it comes to security. Click here to learn more or even try out is an incredible, free image creation resource that everyone can use. Canva offers many free templates and designs that you can customize to make your own. There are social templates for Facebook posts, Instagram, Twitter and more. They also have high quality (high pixel density) templates for print designs, like newsletters, mailers and so on. We recommend Canva for someone who is not ready for Adobe Photoshop. This tool is much easier to use than Photoshop and, for most, you will be able to create great designs with little design skill. Try Canva here.