See What Happens When I Blend This Goldfish

Number one, what is wrong with us that we would click on a video link that says “See What Happens When I Blend This Goldfish”?

Number two, no I did not blend a fish to furnish that image. A goldfish is hard to find and blenders are expensive. Photoshop is my friend. This was a bait and switch…

Here’s a fantastic story about an illustration that a youth pastor from my church used once concerning another unsuspecting goldfish. This youth pastor placed a goldfish in a bowl filled with water and placed it on stage. During his teaching time, he reached his hand into the bowl and picked up this live goldfish. As you might imagine, the entire sanctuary, filled with high schoolers, became intent in knowing why he had picked up that fish. He then threw the goldfish onto the ground where it flipped and flopped, flipped and flopped. The stunned room couldn’t believe their eyes. The kids jumped up to rescue the fish.

The youth pastor explained that everyone around them who didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus was walking around like a fish out of water: dead. He asked them what makes them want to rescue a goldfish but leave their peers alone, walking in darkness: spiritually dead?

That youth leader got fired. No, I’m just kidding… He quit. Well, he did quit, but it was much later and to become a senior worship pastor. But I digress.

While I do not think if I personally would be able to throw a goldfish onto the floor like that, his point will forever stick with me. Why would we care so deeply about a three dollar goldfish whose lifespan is probably no more than a few months, yet we can often care so little about our fellow brothers or sisters?

Loving people and loving animals are not mutually exclusive ideas. If you say that you love animals, you should also love people. It’s like how you can say you love eating both steak and chicken, wait a second…those are both animals…

I recently heard one of my youth group students saying that she doesn’t like people. They annoy her. While I appreciate the honesty, Jesus tells us to “love the least of these” (Matthew 25:45). While that scripture is normally attributed to the downtrodden of society, it may also be addressed to those with whom you cannot stand. As Christ followers, we must follow Christ. Our commission is to be Christ’s body (1 Corinthians 12:27). His hands and feet. Evangelism is our job. To do this, we may need to redirect our attitude and then evaluate those results.

I charge you to say a prayer for all the goldfish who have been harmed for illustration purposes and to find one person to whom you can bring a hot cup of coffee. Serve someone you normally, knowingly or unconsciously, have written off. Love God’s children. You are one. This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice in it (Psalm 118:24).

Micah Brooks

P.S. For those old enough to remember the Bass-O-Matic, how gross was that?