“We will not neglect the house of our God.” –Nehemiah 10:39

Nehemiah, many leaders and the prophet Ezra sealed a binding agreement that ended by saying they would not neglect the house of their God. You see, generations had come and gone who not only had neglected the house of God, but had nearly forgotten God altogether. Thus the Babylonian captivity.

A new resolve came into being and the book of the law was put back on their shelves. More importantly, it was place back in their hearts. The landscape was changed because people were awakened to the promises of God. They accepted them for themselves again, like their father Abraham.

So many of you today are not neglecting the house of our God. Thank you for serving in your church. You may be directing traffic on the parking team, rocking babies in the nursery, singing on the worship team or even the pastor. THANK YOU!

The church is at it’s best when we all work together. Honestly, we are like a really good team when that happens. One of you is point guard making an incredible behind-the-back-pass to one of you who is the center. You slam the ball and the crowd goes wild…

Thank you for not neglecting the house of God this Sunday! You matter to God and you matter in your church. Pray up and get out there!

SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE WHO SERVES IN MINISTRY WITH YOU. You need to be thanked and encouraged to press on.

-Micah Brooks