Treat Everyone Like A 10

This may be the most important and mission-critical piece of advice that I’ve received and trying to live out this year. The advice: treat everyone like a 10 [ten].

The Olympics in 2016 are just about over. It seems like about half of the sports are won or lost based on a group of judges’ opinions of how good the olympians perform. I’m sure that their scores are based on some sort of objective scale, but as an onlooker, the scale appears pretty subjective. Either way, we all understand the concept of being judged on a scale. Also interesting, no one makes a perfect score. It’s absolutely impossible in sport judging to be perfect. At best, the athletes can only shoot to beat out the other opponents who have gone before them.

I believe that in life we tend to give everyone around us a score. We score people when we first meet them (first impressions) and when we’ve known them a while (built upon a list of their strengths and shortcomings). It’s probably pretty hard to get a “10 out of 10” on any one of our current people-scales.

However, a new way of thinking is to begin to score everyone a “10”. No one gets less. No one gets immediately criticized [in your mind] when you first meet them. Those you’ve known for a while get a free pass and become a “10” to you now.

This begins to develop a deep love for people in you. You’ll cast out criticism. In it’s place you’ll put compassion. This isn’t just a change in how you interact with someone, it’s a total shift in the way you think about them.

The benefits of this type of discipline: character and influence. People want to be around people who treat them like a “10”. You get invited into meetings you had never been before. People go out of their way to be around you because they know you are safe not to criticize. You become known as an encourager. Maybe the biggest gain with this heart change is the favor of God. You can be sure that if you treat his children well, you will be blessed as well.

You can do this. I believe success is incremental. Daily, make choices to think of others as a “10”.

Share this with anyone who would benefit. That’s probably most of us. This is definitely important for me!

-Micah Brooks