Water: How to understand the Trinity: God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit

Water is a pretty amazing molecular combination. Too much of it and you get into trouble, too little and you get into different trouble. Most of the earth is covered in it. Job 12:15 talks about it: “If he holds back the waters, there is drought; if he lets them loose, they devastate the land.” Water.
I believe that water is one of the many genius things that God invented. In fact, God began talking about water on Day 2 and then pooled it up for us on Day 3 (Genesis 1).
One of the most amazing properties of water is that the same molecular structure can be found in three different states, just because of how fast the molecules are bumping into one another. We call these states: solid, liquid and gas. Or, ice, water and steam.
Now, why have a physics lesson during a morning devotion? The answer: because water is a beautiful illustration of the trinity. It represents God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit.
The trinity is God, but in three persons. This is difficult for us to understand because we are one person in one person. God is not like us though. We have enough trouble handling our one person. He is bigger. He has three. Three persons, same God.
It may not be as hard to understand as we think. Water has three states. Solid, liquid, gas. In all three states water is still the same molecular structure. What differentiates them is how fast the atoms are moving.
The trinity can be understood that way. God the Father is solid. He never changes, always firm. Jesus is like the liquid form of water. Everything needs to primarily made up of Him, with just the right amount. The Holy Spirit is fast, like steam, always moving his way around the earth. The Holy Spirit has a hard time being bottled up. He always wants to burst into great events.
I hope this little illustration helps to show how creative God is. Water is one of the most important things we need everyday and points us to God. Amazing!
Send this out to everyone you know; except for physics majors who will tear apart my understanding of water’s three states. Ha!
-Micah Brooks