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Worship Team Training

One of the most beneficial investments any worship leader and team can make is to have worship team training. We understand this pretty easily. Many of us spend 4 years of an 80 to 90 year life making little money, but rather investing in learning. We can this college. Learning and developing is a part of life. When we do not grow, we die. In worship team terms, if we do not continue to develop we stagnate. Being an idle, stagnated worship team is ineffective. Allow our team of outside minds, who have over 10 years of both mega-church and small church worship team leadership and experience, to perform a training seminar with your leaders and teams. We work on-site (at your church) or via Skype.

Training for Worship Leaders

Worship leaders are the top of the line in worship team training. If you can become a more effective worship leader, then the entire worship team benefits. Think of how when a CEO gets his/her act in gear. The entire organization flourishes. We provide one-on-one worship leader coaching. We can also do one-to-many coaching if you have several leaders that you would like to be influenced. Looking back, you may find that an hour or two spent reevaluating your current systems provides years worth of reshaping and effectiveness. We love to help!

Training for Worship Teams

Entire worship teams can benefit from an outside perspective. The nature of the worship team is that we provide for our church week in and week out. There are 52 Sundays per year, and many of us sing and play at all of them. They never stop coming. We can get set in our ways without knowing it. The Worship Publishing team can help evaluate where your team’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats lie. We train singers, keyboardists, guitarists, bassists, drummers, percussionists and more. We work on-site (at your church) or via Skype.

Training for Live Audio

Maybe the most overlooked member of the worship team is the sound engineer. In your church, the sound person may not be connected to the worship team at all. In reality, though, running sound is as important as the guitar player or background vocalist. Their live mix of the audio coming from the sound board is what your congregation hears. You may have a virtuoso guitarist on your stage, but if the sound person mutes them, no one benefits from his playing. Our team is collegiately trained in live audio. We love to meet and work with sound engineers, both professional and amateur.

How to get started

Our rates and pricing vary based upon need. Our goal is to provide lasting insights for your team at affordable prices. We know that the church budget can be tight. Email us and let us know what you are looking to accomplish. We will set up a phone/Skype call with you to determine your best worship team training plan.