Yamaha CP300 Review

Yamaha makes everything from pianos to motorbikes. They are a conglomerate. Today, we are performing an official Worship Publishing Yamaha CP300 review.

The Yamaha CP300 is a fully weighted, 88 key digital piano. It has been around a while and is a staple on most worship and touring stages. There are countless benefits to owning a CP300. Here are a few.

Yamaha’s Piano Sounds

Yamaha has nearly perfected sampling piano sounds for their digital keyboards. Because they have been producing high quality acoustic pianos for decades, they know just what sampling the piano should sound like.

The CP300 comes fully stocked with several of Yamaha’s best piano sounds. In fact, the grand piano sound called “Grand Piano 1” is the best one (in our opinion) and the first you find when you turn the unit on. You will find grand pianos, electric pianos, Rhodes-like sounds and hundreds more built into the brain of the piano.

Yamaha’s special weighted keys/action

One of the toughest things for keyboard manufacturers to do is to simulate the weighted keys of an acoustic grand piano. There is literally weight being enforced when a hammer hits the string of a real piano. Yamaha and Nord are the two best at recreating this sensation. The Yamaha CP300 is the leader of the pack. The keys are full size. The latest iteration of the CP300 has graded keys. On an acoustic piano, the lower keys require more pressure while the upper less so. The engineers at Yamaha have now added this graded feature and it is worth the upgrade.

Onboard Speakers/Sturdy Design

Possibly the nicest addition to the keyboard is the factory set-in speakers that accompany the CP300. These speakers are appropriately spaced to give the player a sense of stereo space, much like you would have on a real piano. Because these speakers can get loud without distortion, they provide a vibration to the entire piano that is similar to playing a live piano as well. Many live performers, while going direct into a sound system, will still keep the speakers on to keep that live piano sensation.

The design of this keyboard is rugged. Weighing in at nearly 80lbs, you will need to be careful when moving it. The sturdy design was intentional. Portable professional keyboards need to be able to take a beating. Being sturdy also makes for more comfortable playing as the digital piano does not sway or sift while being played.

USB, MIDI Integration/Expandable

As in any pro-line keyboard, there are several outputs available. On the CP300 these include: XLR, 1/4”, USB, MIDI and more. Because of the MIDI integration, the user can use auxiliary sounds from a laptop or other sound library. The expandability is really endless at that point.

Quick Button Sound Reference, great for stage

The last function of the CP300 that we will mention is the quick key buttons and easy user interface. Unlike Korg keyboards that you may need a music degree to be able to access their brains, Yamaha has thought more about ease of use. The buttons are laid out simply and for quick access. Hit the “Grand Piano 1” button and you’ve pulled up that sound. Hold down “Grand Piano 1” and the “Choir/Pad” buttons simultaneously and you’ve blended the two sounds together. There are Zone and EQ sliders built in. Zone sliders let you perfectly blend your two sounds together. There EQ sliders are five band and allow you to make quick equalization adjustments.

Two of our favorite buttons are the “Speaker” and “Panel Lock” buttons. The “Speaker” button lets you quickly turn on/off the speaker. This is useful in live and rehearsal settings. The “Panel Lock” button locks your settings in place and doesn’t allow a child to mess with them in between rehearsal and live performance. Genius!

Where to find the Yamaha CP300

We recommend this keyboard for in home use and the live performance stage. We hope you’ve enjoyed our Yamaha CP300 review. You can purchase one or find out more on Amazon:

To learn more about the Yamaha CP300 on Amazon.com click here

What if I can’t afford the Yamaha CP300?

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